Welcome to the online home of Crystal Blue Sound Studios.  Your interest in our
company is sincerely appreciated.  Our intent was to make this website as user-friendly
and welcoming as our facility itself.  The input and satisfaction of our clients is
priority number one, so please let us know how we can serve your needs - both online
and at the studio. CBSS wouldn't be where it is today without the terrific clients we've had the privilege
of working with.  To them, a heartfelt thank you.  To the rest of you, we look forward
to meeting you soon.



About Us

Dominick Pages has more than 25 years of experience in the industry.
He has built Crystal Blue Sound Studios (CBSS) on a foundation that keeps client service as the number one priority.  A songwriter, producer, and musician, Dominick knows both sides of the recording console, as well as the influences and setting that are important to someone walking into CBSS - whether for the first time or just for their latest visit.  His approach is very personal. Since being founded in 1991, Crystal Blue Sound Studios has served clients in the greater Tampa Bay area, around the state of Florida, elsewhere in the U.S., and as far away as the UK.  We are a user-friendly studio, catering to clients ranging from students to professionals, and doing so in a relaxed atmosphere. Come on in - you'll see.

Crystal Blue Professionals

Owner: Dominick Pages is pleased to introduce you to those who contribute to making your CBSS experience rewarding and satisfactory.

Our Engineers and Producers: Dominick Pages leads a team that is multi-talented and committed to the excellence that our clients deserve and will experience. Their extensive music background and interpersonal skills make them a great fit for the type of feeling that we have created throughout Crystal Blue Sound Studios.

Our Musicians, Singers, and Songwriters: CBSS has worked with many top studios musicians, singers, and songwriters throughout Florida and can provide their services at reasonable rates.

Our Graphic Arts Specialists: Providing our clients with cutting edge fresh concepts that translate seamlessly into their projects. 

Our Public Relations Consultant: "Now Hear This has been an important part of our ongoing development," Mr. Pages says.  "Bruce, their president, deals with me in a way that makes me feel the way I work to make my clients feel, so it's a good fit.  I know that this will going to continue to be a positive working relationship, which can only better the image of CBSS, and thus what we are able to present to our clients."

- For more, please visit the CONTACT page of this website.






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1. Is a recording studio really for me?

Chances are that since you're on this website, yes, a recording studio is really for you.  Despite common misperceptions, recording studios aren't only for award-winning artists.  They too had to get their start somewhere.  So, beginner, intermediate, or advanced - or even just one-time project planners - all have a place at Crystal Blue Sound Studios.

2. How much does it cost for recording time?

This question is rather broad, so it's difficult to give a specific answer here.  Contact us with details on what exactly you'd like to do at CBSS and we'll give you a quote tailored to your specific situation.

3. I see the equipment list on your website.  Can't I bring my own gear?

What we have available at Crystal Blue Sound Studios is for those coming in that don't have any gear - or don't have all the equipment they need.  Our clients are more than welcome to bring their own instruments.  We know you're comfortable playing on what you have, and simply have on-hand what's listed on our website as an added service and convenience to our clients.

4. What payment options do you have?

We have packages available for all budgets, and Crystal Blue Sound Studios accepts cash, checks, or credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).  Please note that your initial consultation with CBSS is free and that we have client discount programs, referral programs, and student pricing.  For 24-hour convenience for our clients, we also have an online payment system available.

5. Where are you located?

Dover, Florida, is in the same county as Tampa.  Let us know where you're coming from and we can give you driving directions to our facility, which has easy access to I-4, making it convenient for those coming from Orlando or Tampa.  (We are two miles north of SR 60 off Valrico Road, near the intersection of Valrico Rd. and Wheeler Rd.)

6. How do I contact the studio if I need further information (block rates, booking, etc.)?

E-mail is the fastest way to get a hold of us (  You can also call us at 813-928-4052 or find us on Facebook.  Feel free to contact us either way if you need information about recording studios, the process, or if you have general questions.

7. What kind of music styles does CBSS specialize in?

Projects recorded at CBSS are diverse; anything from guitar and/or synth-based pop to modern rock as well as country, modern or traditional.  The studio also records audio and/or video demos for bands, students, recitals and talent showcases.  Audio and video podcasts are recorded on a regular basis as well.

8. How many tracks do I have available to record on for each song?

Unlimited tracking!  Audio and midi.

9. How do we monitor our performances during recording?

We have five Behringer Powerplay P16-M Personal Mixers so that you can independently create your own mixes.  You can also record in the control room, listening to the control room monitors if you like.  (Most guitar, bass, and keyboard overdubs are done with the artist in the control room and their speaker cabinets in an isolation booth).

10. How much input do we have into the producing/mixing of our tunes?

As much or as little as you want.  Being that we are all musicians and play many instruments, if desired we will suggest ideas during the tracking, production, and even songwriting, but the final decisions are always left to the artists.

11. Are groups charged for set-up time?

CBSS offers initial complimentary setup time.  The usual process is for a band is to record rhythm tracks then overdub additional tracks at future sessions.  We have found this to be the most efficient workflow in terms of maximizing your budget and achieving best results.

12. If I have to cancel an appointment, how do I handle this?

CBSS requires a 24-hour notice for all canceled sessions via email and/or by phone.


"After recording three CDs totaling 42 songs over the last five years with my friend Nick Pages at Crystal Blue, I found it to be the most rewarding musical experience of my life.  Beginning in 2010 with baby steps, we both together, along with lead vocalist extraordinaire Leah Clark, evolved along the way in an environment of fun, musical excellence and creativity.  Nick brought his superior musical instincts to the table and either acting as engineer or musician (oh yeah, he plays a mean guitar!) the finished product was everything I hoped for and more.  I unreservedly encourage anyone to follow your musical dreams with Nick Pages at Crystal Blue."
- Joe Masciello

"More than five years ago I set out to develop a podcast series with little or no knowledge of the process or the level of expertise necessary to do it effectively.  During my search to secure production specialist I was fortunate enough to meet Dominick Pages of Crystal Blue Sound Studios.  The result?  Today I have an award-winning, nationally recognized video library that I can honestly say would never have happened without the guidance, direction, and support of Dominick and his team.
Nick’s experience and knowledge of more than 30 years is unparalleled.  He put me at ease and made the entire process simple and easy.  More than just a technical expert, Nick offered me a level of service others just are unable and unwilling to deliver.  His creative expertise along with his meticulous attention to detail made choosing Crystal Blue one of the smartest decisions I have made for my business since its inception.
I would recommend Nick for any and all of your creative and technical needs without hesitation.  Crystal Blue was a game changer for me and I'm confident it can be for you."
- Rob Zarrilli
President of Zarrilli Training and Consulting

"I’ve now done several projects with Crystal Blue Sound Studios.  The first time was mainly because of the affordable price.  Crystal Blue Sound Studios is proof that sometimes you do get much more than you pay for.  My experience with Nick Pages has been nothing short of fantastic.  First and foremost, there seems to be no end to his patient, gentle nature.  In addition, Nick’s depth of technological expertise and musical artistry makes him the perfect go-to-guy for the well-seasoned professional, or the independent newcomer who may be long on creativity but short on technical know-how.  He takes my simple original compositions, asks me what I’d like them to sound like, and then somehow turns them into beautiful, fully orchestrated works of art.  Time and time again, it happens.  The relaxing, comfortable atmosphere at Crystal Blue Sound Studios encourages the artist to be expressively free so that the best ideas come forth.  I was once in my office listening to an instrumental performance track that Nick had finished for one of my songs.  A colleague happened to stop by and heard it playing.  He said, “I don’t know what that is, but it sounds really good.”  That’s good enough for me."
- Tony Ballard

"I've recorded 36 original songs at Crystal Blue Sound Studios and am finishing work on #37!  Nick Pages produced all of them and I couldn't be happier with the results.  Their technology is cutting edge, musicianship stellar, and the creativity and professionalism are what guides anyone, from amateur to pro, to a finished product that will blow you away!
If you want to get your song ideas perfected, Crystal Blue Sound Studios is the place, and Nick Pages is the producer that will make it happen.  I recommend this studio to everyone I know that wants to record.  Feel free to check out some of the work I did, and Nick produced there, on iTunes."
- Dr. William (Wils) Belton
"Since coming to work for our church, Nick Pages has been the consummate professional in every aspect of the word.  Nick does an outstanding job for us in all areas of professional sound engineering.  Week-in and week-out he gives us fantastic front-of-house mixes, which he is constantly fine tuning and trying to make even better.  His knowledge in the field is superior to anyone we have ever employed here and we are extremely fortunate and excited to have Nick on our team and especially glad is the Head Sound Engineer for our full campus.  His overall knowledge and expertise has helped us in every building on our campus.  Nick also consults on our webcast mix and helps us overcome all our challenges there as well.  His digital mixing knowledge has changed our whole concept of front-of-house mixing and we have switched most all our analog boards out, with Nick’s advice and guidance, to make all our worship spaces as proficient as possible.
Nick’s personal studio has also been used in coordination with all our recording CD album projects and solo artists in our ministry to record their music as well.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Nick Pages for any, and all sound engineer jobs or positions, contracts, or personal recording of any sort.  Nick is fantastic in his field and always easy to work with and a real people person.  I highly recommend him!"
- Jeff Brant
Director of Music Ministries
New Hope United Methodist Church

"After interviewing over a half-dozen composers and music production companies, I was so fortunate to have been introduced to Nick Pages.  He was everything I was looking for all wrapped into one cool pair of jeans.  He was great to work WITH...he didn't tell me what I couldn't have or what wouldn't work, but rather found ways to make my visions become realities.  His diverse talents were able to fill all my music needs.  Other artists I spoke with were limited in their abilities, unable to produce a variety of music for a variety of themes.  After discussing my goals with Nick, he took my ideas and ran with them, creating 22 songs that went far beyond even my wildest imagination.
The children are really responding to the variety of genres, such as calypso, swing, hip hop, rap, country, techno, etc.  Their parents (and grandparents) enjoy the music as well and are so pleased with the progress their children are making.  Thanks to Crystal Blue, word of mouth sales have exceeded expectations.  Almost all testimonials we received and placed on our website ( as well as those mailed to us have had positive comments about the music.  I have only the incredible talent of Nick Pages to thank for that.  His work has helped get us the attention of national magazines, local and network television, as well as newspapers.  You will not find anyone more talented and equipped to handle any and all of your musical needs."
- Janine Schwartz
Executive Producer
JaminJo Productions
"In the winter of 1995 I had this CRAZY DREAM.  I wanted to record my own CD of original songs and cover tunes.  I was looking for a recording studio and producer who could help me make this dream a reality.  I was introduced to Nick Pages and Crystal Blue Sound Studios.  Badda Bing! Badda Boom!  I was led to the perfect person!  Professional, talented, enthusiastic, encouraging – Nick has all of these qualities and more.  He has that necessary and vital ability to inject his own creative ideas into the production process and marry that with the recording artist’s concepts and talents.  In other words Nick BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN THE ARTIST on the other side of the glass!  Rock & Roll, pop, country, jazz, rap, hip hop – it doesn't matter what genre, HE SUCCEEDS IN EVERY STYLE OF MUSIC!  Engineer, producer, musician, whatever hat he's wearing, Nick's LOVE OF MUSIC IS CONTAGIOUS!  After six years, Nick and I are working on my third CD!  Badda Bing! Badda Boom!"
- Alan Darcy
"Having recorded with Crystal Blue Sound Studios for nearly ten years, I cannot and would not consider going anywhere else for my recording projects!  CBSS provides a calm, relaxing and creative atmosphere in which to work, which, as a working vocalist, is of paramount importance to me.  I also cannot say enough about Nick Pages, who has not only recorded and worked with me on my last four projects, but with whom I have worked on several additional recordings too.  In my opinion, you cannot find a better studio "master" anywhere.  Nick also has the best "ear" in the business and guides the artists in finding their very best performances.  I'm very happy and proud to be associated with the CBSS family.  If you're looking for a recording home that will bring out the best in you, the artists, look no further than Nick Pages and Crystal Blue Sound Studios."
Sandi Moody, Tampa Bay area vocalist