Crystal Blue Professionals

Owner: Dominick Pages is pleased to introduce you to those who contribute to making your CBSS experience rewarding and satisfactory.

Our Engineers and Producers: Dominick Pages leads a team that is multi-talented and committed to the excellence that our clients deserve and will experience. Their extensive music background and interpersonal skills make them a great fit for the type of feeling that we have created throughout Crystal Blue Sound Studios.

Our Musicians, Singers, and Songwriters: CBSS has worked with many top studios musicians, singers, and songwriters throughout Florida and can provide their services at reasonable rates.

Our Graphic Arts Specialists: Providing our clients with cutting edge fresh concepts that translate seamlessly into their projects. 

Our Public Relations Consultant: "Now Hear This has been an important part of our ongoing development," Mr. Pages says.  "Bruce, their president, deals with me in a way that makes me feel the way I work to make my clients feel, so it's a good fit.  I know that this will going to continue to be a positive working relationship, which can only better the image of CBSS, and thus what we are able to present to our clients."

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