Hepburn & Hooligan release debut EP!

Eclectic, flamboyant, retro, and relevant are just a few descriptions of the soon to be reckoned with Hepburn & Hooligan. Armed with their self titled debut EP, the Tampa trio is poised to begin the journey from garage band to independent touring artists.

Eighteen year old (guitarist/vocalist/songwriter) founder Robbie Carr has the rare and sought after unique voice that draws in listeners to his hypnotic lyrics, melodies and infectious vocal phrase's. Drummer and songwriter Nathan Klimenko delivers majestic, thundering grooves that add dramatic dynamics that punctuate each track. Add to this recipe the tight and solid bassist work of Jared Hanlon, and you have Hepburn & Hooligan! Producer Dominick Pages brings it all together with counter melodic lines and sonic landscapes that create mood and expressions. Available at all online digital media outlets including Itunes, it is highly suggested to download this entertaining and addictive collection of tracks! For more info visit their ReverbNation page.