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KAB Country's "Just Ask Me" Released

CBSS January 2010  Artist Of The Month - KAB Country

Who says music is not timeless? Who says you can't play, write, and record music for as long as you want to? Who says you can't gig anymore? Certainly not performing songwriters Ken Conklin, Al Lowden and Bob Davis who form KAB Country. Still picking and a grinning, the trio joined by pedal steel long timer Rex Raines have just released "Just Ask Me" a 12 song gem that is a fresh return to Traditional Country Music. These good ol boys still love playing and singing for anyone that will listen. And plenty of people are as they continue to perform  on a regular basis. They penned 11 new tunes and covered one, a little ditty titled "I Wanna Be A Dog". "Just Ask Me", is an entertaining heartfelt tribute to the fore fathers of Country Music which can be purchased at any of their shows or by contacting Bob Davis at So you can continue live your passion for as long as you choose to if you just believe ! Stay tuned for Concert Updates.

Kim Franca In Production

Singer, songwriter, and voice instructor Kim Franca has begun production on her latest batch of songs. The tracks are to be distributed to several publishers nationally. The Tampa resident and NSAI member has drawn interest from several publishers including Disney for her heartfelt, authentic songwriting.