Digital Memories


Remember when you were a kid, and you loved hearing stories about your family?  "Please, Mom - tell us again about the time Uncle Charlie set the house on fire..." Audio/Video Autobiographies will ensure that your family's history - those wonderful stories - are preserved for a lifetime.  Full service audio and video recording, editing and mastering are available along with simpler packages for a gift that will fit any budget.  Take a look around our service link- see what we have to offer - then use the Contact Us page to schedule your free initial consultation today!


Audio Autobiographies

Quality audio is the foundation of all of our products.  Hearing Dad laugh while he's telling a story or hearing the emotion in Mom's voice when she's describing the time you fell out of the tree in the backyard and broke your arm helps makes your family's Audio Autobiography a treasure. All of our recording is done digitally, with crystal-clear sound.




Video Autobiographies


Quality video is the cornerstone of all of our Video Autobiographies.  Imagine being able to share your family with young children - maybe that family reunion will be a little less intimidating for a little one, since he will have been watching Grandma and Grandpa tell stories the week before!



How it Works


Our free initial consultation will help determine which package will most suit your needs.  We will then set up an appointment at our studios to record the audio or video interview.  Once the editing is finished, your CD or DVD will be customized with graphics and photos, and you will have in your hands a precious family heirloom to be treasured forever.