Artist Development Program

The CBSS Artist Development Program (ADP) is for individuals seeking to enhance their artistic selves.

Focusing on vocal and instrumental development, performing, songwriting, arrangement, recording and production, image and marketing/promotion, Artist Development is offered for musicians who are passionate about their music and interested in exploring career possibilities in the new music industry.

Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual artist and/or group.  This customized program enhances the artist's skills and talents, identifies weaknesses, and opens up new artistic possibilities for vocalists, instrumentalists, and professionals seeking to elevate their careers.  Musicians in the Whole Music Artist Development Program usually focus on live performance and/or the release of commercially available work.

Dominick Pages directs the Artist Development program, working with musicians of all ages.  Some of the emerging artists he has worked with include:
• Melissa Brethauer
• Faith Angelica
• Robbie Carr
• Matt Bilor
• Daniel Sprouse
• Bishop Wayne
• Dan Wood
• Many others

Dominick’s authentic passion for music has propelled many artists to identify and achieve personal milestones and commercial success.  This program offers a unique opportunity for the artist to be developed without being signed to a major label.  Our network of associates will focus on marketing and distribution of select recordings by artists in our Artist Development program that are produced by Crystal Blue Sound Studios.