Some writers were just born to write.  Faith Angelica is one of those writers.  As an artist, songwriter, and exceptional student, she has a voracious determination to be the best she can be in all of her endeavors.  Being the best she can be only scratches the surface of this blooming singer/songwriter’s potential.

Faith began writing songs at an early age and now she presents “Seasons” 2014 and “Pictures” 2014 (both pictured below).  Having written over 20 songs the last couple of years alone while excelling in academics, “Faith’s growth has been a challenge to keep up with,” states Dominick Pages the producer, engineer, and musician who spearheaded the production scheme alongside Elliot Cotto, guitarist and arranger who just happens to be Faith’s father.

Evolving at what sometimes seemed like the speed of light, her songs and genres continued to push the limits of producer Dominick Pages.  The result?  A variety of pop, country, alt rock, singer/songwriter, and fill in the blanks.  The songs and stories are a delightful blend of the trials and tribulations of life and the joys and heartbreaks that tag along.  The sonic landscapes of her four-minute movies are sparse and lush yet match the content of the storyline.  Pages sums up the process by commenting, “Faith changes with every song she brings in and that has resulted in pushing my limits in my continual desire to remain relevant with a classic tint.”

Faith Angelica Seasons   Faith Angelica Pictures