On the heels of “Holy Mother Earth,” his 17-song 2011 gem, singer/songwriter Joe Masciello finds himself with another 28 new tracks spread across two new CDs.  Another fascinating project of incredible diversity, this time the end result is two full-length CDs.

“Joe continued to bring them in and we continued to produce them,” Crystal Blue Sound Studios Owner Dominick Pages said.  “It's an exotic collection of different genres that tell a story collectively.”

Joe MascielloLeah Clark again carried the bulk of the lead vocals as well as Joe himself.

“Leah is a gifted singer that becomes the songs that she sings,” Pages said.  “Really, the top of the food chain when it comes to singing and expressively capturing the song content.  And Joe has a wonderful tone and really captured the expression and mood of each track that he sang on.”

Pages engineered, co-produced, mixed, and mastered the discs, as well as playing electric, acoustic, and classical guitars on several tracks.  The two discs are set for release in early spring and are entitled “Are You With Me So Far” and “The Invitation.”