Tony Ballard CDIf Tony Ballard ever needed a stage name it would most definitely be “Tony Passion.”  Crystal Blue Sound Studios Owner Dominick Pages said, “Tony is as passionate of an artist that I have ever had the privilege to work with.

“His music spawned from classic influences and his words are articulated as a natural poet.  When Tony writes it’s the real deal.  The listener is mesmerized by the bevy of interesting concepts and perceptions that are derived from life experience and beliefs.”

The variety is a mandate when it came to production and that’s what makes producer and engineer Pages tick.  He added, “Somehow I was able to listen to Tony’s ideas for production in his head and articulate them into realities that translated exactly or beyond his expectations.  That happens only two or three times in a producer’s career if they’re lucky.”

The synchronistic energy became the cornerstone for “New Day Comin” by his created duet “Souls of the Fireside.”  The nine-song journey takes the listener through the flavors of universal affirmative spoken work and singing, delving into concepts of love, unity, and hope.  The project is not your everyday listen but, rather, more of a handbook of useful anthems, poetic phrases, and infectious rhymes and rhythms that are intended to have the listeners cultivate hope, happiness, and equality in all.