Pages Spotlighted In Podcast Interview

Crystal Blue Sound Studios owner/operator Dominick Pages was recently the featured guest on a podcast available (free) on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.  Appearing on the weekly show “Now Hear This Entertainment,” Pages was a wealth of information throughout an almost one-hour interview.

Over the course of the podcast, Pages speaks from the standpoint of a producer, performer, engineer, mentor, songwriter, and as the owner/operator of CBSS.  The interview digs deep into approach, preparation, mindset, and both the recording and performance environments.

“I was pleasantly surprised to be asked to be the guest on that episode of Now Hear This Entertainment,” Pages said.  “However, I was happy to get the opportunity to contribute to the show because I know that a portion of that podcast’s audience is the same type of clientele that comes into Crystal Blue Sound Studios.  I’m an advocate of artists helping artists and not keeping all our information and experiences and tricks of the trade to ourselves, so this was a great outlet for me to share some insights with the listeners, even if they’re listening from hundreds of miles away and have no chance of getting to Tampa to work at CBSS.  It’s just about giving back.”

NHTE podcast logoThe show host, Bruce Wawrzyniak, who is the president of Now Hear This, Inc., said, “I really wanted to have Nick on the show because in putting the show together each week I challenge myself to not just have the same type of guest week after week.  There have been and will continue to be a lot of performers on 'Now Hear This Entertainment,' but that’s why it’s great – and necessary – to break things up a little with someone like Nick who can talk from, say, a production standpoint, or another guest talking from the publishing side, and others in various facets of the music industry that I’ll have on over time.  Nick’s perspective was a solid contribution to the show.”

Clocking in officially at 59 minutes, the show also featured “His Love Conquers All,” which Pages wrote and recorded in 2012, as well as portions of two other songs that he had recorded with Crystal Blue many years ago.

To hear his tips and insights, access the interview now through iTunes or Stitcher Radio.