The Power Of Reminiscing

Last week I watched the movie “Cocoon” for the second or third time.  

I couldn't help but feel a certain sadness followed by a burst of emotional euphoria when the seniors in the film jumped into the pool of youth. There they were splashing around, swimming like they used to in their teens, and remembering the good life years past.  

My name is Dominick Pages. I am the owner-operator of Crystal Blue Sound Studios in Valrico, Fla. Having just turned 53 a couple of weeks ago, I started to notice myself feeling physically, emotionally and mentally drained at times. I have now discovered that the most precious commodity in life after we turn 50 is ENERGY!  

Do you ever think about how you use that precious, often taken for granted resource? As we get older, it becomes very apparent that we need to use it wisely. In fact, when we use our energy wisely such as physical activity, positive thinking, or simply laughing, we actually create more energy! When we do not use our energy wisely, such as worry, stress or excessive non-physical activities, we deplete more.  

The same can be said for our mind energy in regard to using it wisely! Awareness of the amount of mind energy that we have from moment to moment is not quite as apparent as the amount of physical energy. As we age, both of these valuable commodities begin to exponentially dissipate! Aging can sometimes bring lethargy and memory loss.  

While we are not usually as physically active as we once were, we can be as or even more active with our minds! There are countless ways to exercise our minds. There's reading, crossword puzzles and Tai Chi, to name a few. But the one activity that could have the most beneficial results is reminiscing!  

All people reminisce. Remembering times past is a pleasant diversion, stimulates the mind, and helps give us perspective and a sense of who we are. As a recent study from the Association for Psychological Science states, "Nostalgia is now emerging as a fundamental human strength."  

Reminiscing, the process of "life review," is an important part of old age. As seniors recall their accomplishments and come to terms with past conflicts and disappointments, they achieve a heightened sense of personal identity and meaning in life. Reminiscing also enhances self-esteem. Studies suggest that seniors who are encouraged to share events from their lives with others experience an increased sense of peace and self-worth.

How they will be remembered after they pass is also a common concern that can create anxiety and stress from the need to get their life stories right. Inspired by watching my parents get older, coupled with my need to be of service to the community and part of a solution to this reality, I have created Digital Memories.  

Your Life, (in) Your Words, For Eternity. Digital Memories is an audio/video interview documentary of life stories that can include old photos, video and music from past generations. The stories are told by those that lived them so that their integrity and character can be preserved. The two-fold benefits of this unique service include the power of reminiscing as well as an accurate lifetime heirloom for family and friends to cherish.  

We may not have that pool of youth to invigorate our lives when we get older, but we can all assist in creating healthy, vibrant mindsets that will provide our seniors with a tranquil knowing that they are still relevant and that they will not be forgotten!